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Thanks for stopping by my little store. You can find classic vintage art, along with some of my own drawings and illustrations for sale here on many kinds of items, like t-shirts, mugs, posters, prints, notecards... and lots of others! My art is inspired by many things; the green fairy of Absinthe, risque postcards, corsets, fairies, and Art Nouveau to name a few. Many tees & things feature vintage imagery remixed, recolored, collaged or amusingly captioned.  Enjoy your visit here!

Graphic T-shirts from Ophelia's ArtGraphic T-shirts are Lovely
Ophelia's Art has many fine t-shirt designs to choose from.  Click here to start browsing through the categories, and click on an image to see the different style shirts available with that design.

 Our natural cotton totes have always been a favorite. All are printed with our amazing or amusing Ophelia's Art graphics. You'll find the bags as part of the assortment while shopping through the themes normally, click here to view a variety of Bags or to look at particular bag types: Canvas Tote, Beach Totes, Canvas Messenger Bag, Canvas Field Bag, Canvas Sack Pack,

A pile of different designs themed on the infamous French queen (from cute & frivilous pink "let them eat cake" to a tres morbid guillotine graphic tee), 18th century fashion and  aristocratic frippery.

Queen Elizabeth I T-shirtsQueen Elizabeth I Graphic Tees & More
Who wouldn't love a gift or t-shirt celebrating Queen Elizabeth I? A variety of  graphic tees, mugs, cards and more with designs inspired by the Virgin Queen.

Looking for a liquid containment system? We have a variety.

What can I say about mugs? You put liquid in them, or sometimes pencils (don't drink the pencils). Let us speak now of the different types of mug we have. We have a standard mug, approxamately 11oz. We also have a large 15oz mug. Then there's the Stein-- is it a beer stein? Hot cocoa stein? Franken stein? Whatever you put inside, it will hold 22oz of it. If you like to pile mugs up in the cupboard, there is the retro stackable mugs, which come in a set of four generously sized 13oz mugs with assorted color interiors. And if you are the type that enjoys larking about with a hot beverage, we have a lovely 15oz ceramic travel mug.

keepsake boxesKeepsake Boxes
The keepsake boxes have a lovely finish (a super shiny black or mahogany tone), hidden hinges, and a velvety white lining.  Hardwood box, with a ceramic art tile inlaid  on the top of the lid, they make a great gift.

Mini buttons are like candy* to me, I just want to eat them all up.  Or, barring that, stick them on my jacket. *Mini buttons are not candy, they are pointy and metal! Do not eat!

Kids and BabyKids & Baby
Do you want to horrify** everyone at the baby shower? Do you want your kids being sent home from school with a concerned note?  Well then, welcome to the Ophelia's Art kids and baby t-shirt section! You can find the kids' stuff mixed in with the rest while you are browsing, or follow these links to see particular styles: Infant T-Shirts in Short SleeveLong Sleeve, & Organic, Infant Bodysuits in Short Sleeve, Long Sleeve, & Organic,  Baby Bibs, Baby Hats, Baby BlanketsToddler T-Shirts in Standard, Light Organic & Dark Organic, Kids T-Shirts in Dark Colors, Light Colors, Light Organic & Dark Organic, Kids Baseball Jerseys, Kids SweatshirtsKids Hoodies, Kid's Pajamas, Kid Size Water Bottle & Sippy Cups. You may also be interested in the Teddy Bears, however they are a generic bear not a kids bear per se, so you will see designs for adults on many of them. Ditto with the Flip Flops Sandals; child sizes are available as well as adult, though many designs are not necessarily meant for kiddos. **Actually, a lot of this stuff is simply cute, not horrifying at all. Sorry!

Most of our graphic tee images are also available on maternity style t-shirts. For your convenience, most designs do not scream "BABY BABY BABY!"

Plus SizeWomen's Plus Size Graphic T-shirts
Although the "unisex" t-shirts come in large sizes too, these women's shirts are made with side seams and nicer necklines for a more stylish look. Available on plus size scoop neck tees or plus size v-neck tees.

Geek-culture graphic tees, mugs & mousepads for your favorite smarty-pants feature images inspired by math, science, computers and the interntet.

Organic T-shirts in ColorsOrganic Cotton T-shirts & Baby Wear
Our designs are available printed on several styles of organic tee. Made with organic cotton, these American Apparel and Econscious shirts are available in both light colors (whites and naturals) as well as some beautiful "dark" colors like black, galaxy, cinder and wasabi. You'll find the organic tees as part of the assortment while shopping normally (by the image themes), or you can Econscious Men's Organic T-Shirts in Dark Colors & Light Colors, Econscious Women's Organic T-Shirts in Dark Colors & Light Colors, American Apparel Men's Organic Fitted T-Shirts in Dark Colors & Light Colors, American Apparel Women's Fitted Organic T-Shirts in Dark Colors & Light Colors, American Apparel Kids Organic T-Shirts, American Apparel Toddler Organic T-Shirts, American Apparel Organic Baby T-Shirts & Organic Baby Bodysuits,

Why wonder what time it is? Adorn your wall and keep track of the hours at a glance with our decorative clocks. I know you have a clock on your cell phone, but these have that old fashioned "hands pointing at numbers" style I find irresistable in a timepiece. Many designs to choose from, from amusing sayings to lovely art. There are three styles of clock frames to choose from. A modest 10" black framed, a sizable 17" black framed, and a classic modern-yet-retro metal framed style

These aprons have an adjustable neck strap and drawsting waist. We also have added colors... khaki, lemon yellow and a dark navy blue. (Because of the lightness/darkness of printing on the colors, the navy aprons are separated out from the others). Aprons make a great gift, whether for the kitchen, crafters, or any thing else you can think of wearing an apron. You'll find them as part of the assortment while shopping through the themes normally, or you can click here to view all our Aprons.

Women's Boy BriefsUnderpants!
A Valentine's day classic, though enjoyable year round. We have four kinds of undies to cover your nethers. Paramount is the style women's "boy brief" panties with our designs printed across the seat (with some hilariously inappropriate results, let me tell you). Also for the ladies is a soft cotton thong panty. A traditional boxer short. The thong and boy brief are American Apparel brand. (Their sizes tend to run a bit small so please keep that in mind).

Like to be a little naughty in that 1890's way? Sweet & sultry postcard girls, and a variety of vintage corset themed art appears on posters, prints, cards, gifts & t-shirts. Images  include vintage fashion illustrations as well as my own corset art.

punk style graphic t-shirtsGRRRRaphic Tees
Yeah! This collection of images has a simple but high impact graphic style or a classic punk feel. Safety pins, handcuffs & stun guns oh my!

Pop Media Fans: Movie & TV T-shirts
Perhaps you like television, film and other media. Perhaps you would like these t-shirts. Some are of our own design and some are sourced elsewhere as noted.
Star Trek T-shirts, Star Trek T-shirts (page 2), Dexter T-shirts, Hunger Games T-shirts, Castle T-shirts, Big Bang Theory T-shirts, Shaun Of The Dead T-shirts, The Big Lebowski T-shirts, Universal Monsters Dracula T-shirts, Universal Monsters Frankenstein T-shirts, The Magicians T-shirts, Emily The Strange T-shirts, Mad Men T-shirts, Monty Python T-shirts, The Walking Dead T-shirts, The Princess Bride T-shirts, Nurse Jackie T-shirts, Girl Genius T-shirts, Twilight T-shirts, Twilight T-shirts (page 2), Revenge T-shirts

If you have a tendancy towards dark thoughts and twisted humor, find one of these t-shirts, art or gift items with morbid, bitter and goth themes.

Absinthe T-shirts
A variety of graphic t-shirts, art and gift items inspired by La Fee Verte, the green fairy of Absinthe.

Scarlet Women T-shirts
Are you a Trollop? A Harlot? The painted whore of Babylon? Strut your stuff with a fun t-shirt, thong, or other swag. Many types of scarlet women on a heap of cool products fir the saucy wench in all of us.

retro t-shirts
From the the 19-teens (23 skiddoo!) to the fab fifties, these designs are for lovers of hip and mod days gone by. A collection of t-shirts, totes and all that jazz with retro style designs, as well as some classic vinatge art.

Evil In Pink T-shirts
Evil things come in cute packages, with this collection of horrible t-shirts in adorable pink shades.

Malice Blue T-shirts
Put the "scheme" back into color scheme with these sweet and malicious designs all in dainty blue shades.

Electronics Cases
Our designs printed on a variety of cases and accessories for the iPhone, Galaxy, and more.

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Ophelia's Art: an eclectic assortment of t-shirts and oddments designed to amaze, amuse and horrify. From vintage art to original illustrations, our gifts and apparel are sure to make you stand out. (Whether in a good way or in a bad way is yet to be determined). Tragic romance, strange dark humor, obscure geekiness, and of course the recurring themes of "It seemed like a good idea at the time" and "You know what that needs? More skulls!"

Ophelia's Art, Ophelia's Academy, Miss Three, oph3lia.com (Ophelia spells it with a three.)

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