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Style: The Regular T-shirt (dark colors)
Whether adorned with snarky sayings or unique art, these classic 100% cotton tees in standard fit sizes are sure to make a hit. Most graphic tees in this category are available on your choice of black, cardinal, red, chacoal, brown, army green, blue & navy blue.

See more Regular T-shirt (dark colors)

Ophelia's Art: an eclectic assortment of t-shirts and oddments designed to amaze, amuse and horrify. From vintage art to original illustrations, our gifts and apparel are sure to make you stand out. (Whether in a good way or in a bad way is yet to be determined). Tragic romance, strange dark humor, obscure geekiness, and of course the recurring themes of "It seemed like a good idea at the time" and "You know what that needs? More skulls!"

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Ophelia's Art, Ophelia's Academy, (Ophelia spells it with a three.)

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